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Managing Your Central Heating

Heating controls help you manage your central heating more effectively and ensure you don’t waste money. Good heating controls can improve the comfort levels in your home and allow you to control both when the heating comes on and off as well as the temperature.

There are lots of different types available; here are just a few examples of the popular ones we sell. Our technical sales adviser can tell you more and recommend which is right for you and your home.


Programmers allow you to control your central heating more accurately and many, like the Honeywell ST799 shown here, are 7 day programmers which allow you to set your heating and hot water separately.

Honeywell ST799

Room Thermostats

Room thermostats switch the heating on and off as required reacting to air temperatures. They control the temperature you require, turning off the heating when it reaches the temperature you’ve set – saving you both energy and money – and turning on again when the temperature drops below what you’ve set.

The Drayton Digistat shown here has digital display for accurate temperature setting.

 Drayton Digistat

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Thermostatic radiator valves control the temperature in each room so much so that if a room becomes warmer than required the valve will shut off the radiator and come on again when the temperature drops.

The Drayton TRV4 shown here has a chrome finish and can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

Drayton TRV4


Save money with solar heating
Climate change is a real threat to our future and of great concern to scientists and our
governments. Renewable energy like solar thermal systems combined with energy efficient products, offers a viable and potent solution to countering the effects of global warming.

Solar Panels

There’s plenty of sunshine – despite the UK climate!
Hot water usage in homes tends to remain about the same all year round. Solar heating from eaga Renewables can offer you a unique and practicable renewable energy solution designed to reduce fuel bills in the both the short and long term.

Solar panels can easily be installed on most roofs to harvest energy from the sun that contributes more than 60% of your hot water requirements all year round, even on cloudy days and in the UK climate! A typical solar thermal system (even on cloudy days) will provide your home with sufficient hot water for the summer months and about half that needed during the winter months. Overall it’s a saving of up to 60% each year.
You may also qualify for a grant

The benefits of installing solar heating are not just environmental and fuel saving through the Low Carbon Building Programme, you may also qualify for a grant of £400 towards the installation costs.

Renewables provides experience and expertise in the installation of solar heating. eaga also have vast experience of providing energy efficiency programmes for government initiatives both in domestic and local authority housing.

We’ll carry out a survey of your property, handle the grant application and do all the installation work. Our solar thermal systems quickly and reliably integrate with your existing central heating system to ensure your home has all the necessary comforts and savings.

We have a comprehensive back up service and are here to deal with any problem you may have.


Our highly skilled group of engineers and designers can help with any bathroom installation to suit any budget.

We will endeavour to help you get the bathroom that suits you and your home. We are there every step of the way whether it be with the design and installation or just installation of your own design, our bathroom are fitted to the highest possible standards.

Working with all manufacturers we have experience with all types of bathroom from the conventional to a totally bespoke wet room style en-suite.

Gas Safe Registered

The CORGI gas registration scheme in Great Britain and the Isle of Man ended on 31 March 2009. It is no longer recognized by law as the gas safety register.
We asked all CORGI gas engineers to transfer over to Gas Safe Register.  Check and see  if your gas engineer is now a Gas Safe registered engineer. You should also ask to see your engineer’s Gas Safe Register ID card.

Gas Safe Register exists to protect you, your family, and your property from dangerous gas work. Incorrectly fitted, badly repaired or poorly maintained gas appliances are a major cause of lethal carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, and can also lead to gas leaks and explosions. To carry out work on gas installations and appliances safely and legally, engineers in Great Britain and the Isle of Man must be on the Gas Safe Register. We make sure the 120,000 engineers on the register are safe by inspecting the gas work they have carried out.